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Have you ever experienced a miracle?  If so, could you prove it? And how would you prove it? Many people claim they have experienced a miracle in their life or in some cases, many miracles, but few offer any concrete evidence to support their claims. 

And there are many who say there is no such thing as miracles… 

On this website, the focus is on reports of miraculous events in which strong supporting evidence exists that reasonably indicates that a miracle may have actually taken place. 

The purpose of this website is to investigate such reports of miraculous events, objectively and follow the evidence and see where it leads...

If the evidence happens to lead to a conclusion beyond all reasonable doubt that miracles really do happen, then the following questions will be addressed:

1) Why do miracles happen?

2) And what are the implications thereof? 

The best place to start is by asking the question,
what is a miracle?

A miracle is defined as:

1) An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

2) Such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.

3) A wonder; a marvel.

A wonderful or surpassing example of some quality: “A miracle of modern acoustics.”

When you look into reports of miracles nearly all of them of them fall into just a few categories. This includes SUPERNATURAL:

1) Protection
2) Healing
3) Raising from the dead
4) Providence
5) Control over Nature

Meaningful coincidences are also often reported in testimonies of miraculous events, which are often interpreted as miracles in their own right and/or as confirmations that a miracle really happened.

It should also be noted the presence of angels and/or signs and wonders are often involved in reports of miraculous events.

So, let’s begin by examining some examples of reported miracles in which supportive evidence exists:

This is a report of a miracle involving divine protection, an angel and a coincidence. A car crashed through a store window nearly killing a women and her baby. The woman claims an angel protected them. There was no harm to either the woman or the baby.

This is a report of a miraculous healing involving a little girl who claimed she saw Jesus and angels while on her deathbed…The Doctors could not explain from a medical standpoint how she became healed.

This report relating to a Super Bowl playoff football game involves several amazing coincidences and a mysterious halo that appeared in the sky.

Additional information relating to the coincidences in the football game and its implications can be found here:

Additional information relating to the halo in the sky that appeared can be found here:

This is perhaps the most amazing evidence of a miracle. It is believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ, known as the “Shroud of Turin”. The shroud is a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man in a manner that is consistent with the written Biblical account of crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The shroud was extensively tested scientifically in 1978. Additional scientific testing has taken place since then using updated state-of-the-art technologies. The data originally obtained in 1978 has also been analyzed using updated state-of-the-art technologies. In 2010 a 3D image was obtained from the Shroud which may be a reasonably accurate representation of the actual face of Jesus. 

It’s also interesting to note that the image on the cloth has been determined to have penetrated only the top two microfibers on the cloth. It has also been determined that that the image on the cloth could not possibly have been created with any kind of liquid. This, together with other evidence is explained in further detail in this video:

The video above was an excerpt from a documentary presented on the History Channel in March 2010. The full length documentary is presented below:

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